REMOTE Risk Factor Assessment

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Your health lies in your biochemistry.

Knowing your risk factors for disease is an essential first step towards prevention. It is nearly impossible to achieve optimal health without taking intermittent snapshots of the inner working of your body to guide you, which can be provided by laboratory testing.

Relatively inexpensively, your biochemistry can be accurately assessed and potential disease risk factors identified. As you make strides to improve your insulin sensitivity or blood pressure, you can also lower serum inflammatory markers and optimize your lipid profile. The upshot? A lowered risk for cancer, diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Remember, nearly all age-related diseases have common underpinnings: unchecked inflammation, insulin resistance and oxidative damage. Things you can test for. And more importantly, things you can act upon.

Yes, you and you alone have the capability to prevent disease and to extend your life. And it’s easier than you may think.

Get face time with Dr. Osborn.

Contact the office (561) 935-9233 or email Inquire about a “Tele-Health consultation.” Alternatively, click “Start the Process” at the top of the page and be routed to the Contact page for payment submission.

  1. A lab requisition form will be forwarded to you via email.
  2. Present it to a local laboratory (LabCorp, for example) and have your blood drawn.
  3. Your laboratory results will be forwarded to Dr. Osborn for review and your consult scheduled (via email) thereafter.
  4. Sign the release form (forwarded to you upon scheduling of the Tele-Health consultation) and return to
  5. Discuss your laboratory results with Dr. Osborn over a HIPAA-compliant Tele-Health platform.

But there’s more...

Should you decide to schedule an appointment with Dr. Osborn in his Jupiter office after the online consultation, you will receive a 30% discount on the initial office visit. This offer may only be applied to office visits scheduled within 45 days of the online consultation however.

Medical Disclaimer:
Dr. Osborn will make recommendations based upon the received laboratory test results. Dr. Osborn will not make medical diagnoses, offer medical treatment, or prescribe medication during this interaction.  The virtual consultation with Dr. Osborn is not a substitute for one's personal physician or healthcare provider.