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Book cover of Dr. Brett Osborn's book, Get Serious

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Confused by all the health and fitness information out there? Who isn't? From nutrition and supplements to strength training, Dr. Osborn cuts through the nonsense with his logical approach. A board-certified Neurosurgeon with a secondary certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Osborn combines his 30+ years of training experience with his medical knowledge to give you an easy-to-read, science-based guide to health and longevity. No stone is left unturned in Get Serious. There are dedicated chapters on nutrition, supplements, smart drugs and strength training. And Dr. Osborn's time-tested, comprehensive training protocol is included as an appendix! This straightforward regimen will help you build strength while enhancing your body's ability to burn fat. Without the fancy overpriced gadgets often touted by fitness "experts". Stop wasting time and money on such quick-fixes. They don't exist. There are no shortcuts or entitlements.  Dr. Osborn will encourage you to take the bull by the horns and thwart the assault of the failed healthcare system. Assume control of your health and Get Serious! Dr. Osborn will show you how in this information-packed, life-changing guide. Get Serious is a must-read!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What prompted you to write your book?

A: Get Serious is a compilation of 30+ years' experience in the fields of strength training and nutrition superimposed onto a medical foundation. People nowadays are searching for a quick fix which stems from outright laziness and a baseless sense of entitlement. The bottom line however, is that health takes work. It is a privilege and NOT a right (as is commonly perceived). The "work” takes the form of the acquisition of knowledge which will ultimately allow one to acquire health. If one is serious about his or her health and assumes responsibility for it, he will reap the benefits of lifelong health. Leaving one's health in the hands of someone else (even your doctor) is simply not a viable option (literally). Knowledge and personal empowerment are the undertones of Get Serious. The message must be delivered to the masses (especially in the context of the failed healthcare system).

Q: What was most challenging about writing it?

A: Synthesizing my thoughts in an effort to convey the proper message. One central underpinning of the book is the fact that nearly ALL diseases have an inflammatory component. Via modalities such as proper nutrition, strength training and stress reduction techniques, one can keep inflammation at bay (as they all exert anti-inflammatory effects on the body). That said, I was constantly attempting to establish and build upon this "unified theory" and reiterate the fact that health is simple if one understands the genesis of disease. As stated above, knowledge is power.

Q: What are the key take-home messages from the book?

A: The following are the most important:

  1. Health is a privilege, NOT a right.
  2. There are no "diets," or secret exercise regimens which will grant one health or a particular body type. Proper manipulation of one's biochemistry through the above modalities (i.e., turning on the right genes through strength training) will grant one health and longevity.
  3. Health is a lifelong endeavor. There are no races. It is a lifestyle. We must constantly strive to better ourselves (through daily physical and mental challenges) in order to delay the aging process.
  4. Keep bodily inflammation at a minimum (through strength training, nutrition and supplementation, proper sleep and stress reduction techniques). This maintains nearly all disease process in check.

Q: Is strength training for everyone, age-independent?

A: NO ONE is too old for strength training. NO ONE is exempt from exercise. Numerous studies have demonstrated that one's ability to combat disease is resident within our muscles. Muscles are the protein depots from which our immune system indirectly generates antibodies. Stronger individuals live longer, period. This HAS been proven. That said, EVERYONE should be engaged in a strength training regimen. Properly prescribed exercise is safe for EVERYONE. It is the prescription for the masses.

Q: Did you learn anything during the writing process?

A: Health is a mindset. Optimal health begins in the mind, with understanding. Then it is simply a matter of making the proper lifestyle choices that cumulatively limit bodily inflammation and oxidative stress. This will make one less predisposed to age-related disease (which ultimately kills us). And what betters the body, betters the mind. And the cycle is perpetuated. Yet taking the initial steps towards the attainment of health is what hinders most people. Disease is neither a product nor function of physical "laziness”, but mental weakness. Health is for the serious-minded and is not for the entitled amongst us.

Q: What sort of feedback have you received about Get Serious?

A: The vast majority of readers have enjoyed the book as it VERY direct (with few grey areas). It is a true "back to basics" guide, focusing on fundamentals of nutrition and supplementation (not some slick scheme) and 5 strength training movements ("the pillars"). There are no tricks or gimmicks. In addition, readers seem to like the fact that I not only "talk the talk”, but "walk the walk”. The methods outlined within Get Serious have been time tested by…me.

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