The Real Deal... NOT an internet guru.

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Scrub Sink

In the digital world EVERYONE is a doctor.

But not really.

Just do your homework.

The internet. Uncensored. A platform for free speech and information sharing. Its reach? Global. Universal. But by many accounts, dangerous.  That's right, as with every yin there's a yang. The good? Its massive ability to disseminate information at the speed of light. The bad? Ever heard of the wild, wild west?  The internet has granted EVERYONE a voice, and by virtue, EVERYONE is an authority. Schooling, no schooling, diploma or lack thereof, no matter. The internet does not judge. There is no vetting. No filter. The First Amendment says so. Bloggers abound. Medical bloggers.

Scary. The vast majority of medical bloggers lack formal training, relying only on anecdote or third party information as a content source.  Don't believe me? Just ask. Send an email. Do your homework, your due diligence, before subscribing to their "prescription." As smart as internet technology is, one element is assuredly lacking: bot technology or crawlers that scour websites and credential medical "authorities" as panels do authors in medical journals or as JCAHO (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) does hospitals. Why? To assure public safety. It truly is a safety issue as individuals are utilizing websites in lieu of medical professionals. In lieu of their physicians? Self-diagnosis is commonoplace. And your "doctor" may have a seventh grade education! Do you know this not to be the case? Of course not. 

Bottom line: Ask questions. How many patients has he or she actually layed  hands on? Has he ever written a prescription? Completed a residency? Qualify their education. Or disqualify it. Remember, a degree in Exercise Physiology does not render one a physician... except in the ether of the internet.  Where dreams are made.

Then reality sets in. No computer. No cloud. I'm the guy left standing. With the training and the experience. The pedigree. I am the real deal...